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Payment Options


Association assessments are billed semi-annually in January and July in the amount of $300.  Payment options: Annual (January- $600) OR Semi-Annual (January $300 and July $300)

To Pay Homeowner Assessments: 

For homeowners to view your account and make payments online, please register and log on here.

If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your payment to our lockbox service at the following location:

Bainbridge Homeowners Association Payment Processing Center

P.O. Box 967

Commerce, GA 30529

If you prefer to hand-deliver payment, please drop it off at Homeland Neighborhood Management's office at the following location:

511 Keywood Circle

Flowood, MS 39232

Collections Policy

Association assessments are due on January 1 and July 1. Late fees of $50 are assessed to past due accounts as of March 1 and September 1, with lien processing to begin on April 1 and October 1 of each year, followed by further legal collections efforts.

Owners are responsible for paying any legal fees related to debt collection. Please refer to Article IV of the Protective Covenants of Bainbridge for additional information on collections.


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